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23-31 MARCH 2024

Discover your inner serenity amidst Goa's coastal beauty at our transformative yoga retreat

A rejuvenating experience with Maria Natsouli

Embarking on this yoga retreat is a unique opportunity to re-discover yourself, while surrounded by the peaceful beauty of the Indian coast of Goa, experiencing a harmonious blend of yoga practices, refreshing dips in the ocean, and the vibrant local culture.


Maria's intention is to offer you a transformative journey of rejuvenation and inner peace, so that when you return back home your refreshed mind and body will have the tools to maintain their peace and balance in your everyday life.

So, let's escape to the coastal haven of Goa, India, from March 23rd to 31th! Let's live for a week at the serene Indian shores, practice revitalizing yoga sessions, dip in the Indian ocean and sun bath under the sun, lounge under the shade of palm trees, and get to know and share for a bit the unique Indian culture. Because on that particular week we get to experience one of the best Indian traditions, the celebration of the Holi festival. 

Avra Yoga Retreat India
Avra Yoga Retreat India
Avra Yoga Retreat India

23 March: Fly to Goa from Athens with Gulf Air and check in to our hotel. 
24 March: Breakfast at the hotel, day free to enjoy the beach and rest, and then yoga class in the evening before our dinner at the hotel. 
25 March: Yoga class in the morning and breakfast at the hotel. Today is the day of Holi celebrations. We will engage in the heartwarming tradition of applying colorful powders on friends and strangers, delve into the streets, where locals and travelers dance to the beats of traditional music, sharing sweets and spreading joyous vibes, and experience the unique "Rang Panchami," where the sky becomes a canvas of hues as people throw colored water and powders, creating a spectacular display of unity and jubilation. Dinner at the hotel.

26 March: Yoga class in the morning and breakfast at the hotel. Then we go on a sightseeing tour to visit Old Goa, the St. Francis of Assisi Church, built in 1661, and the Basilica of Jesus famous throughout the Roman Catholic world. We will also visit the “Se Cathedral”, the largest of the Churches of Old Goa, also known for its numerous altars.  We will continue the tour with a walk through the bustling life of Panjim city and Mapusa, a market town with pavement bazaars.  Yoga class in the evening upon our return to the hotel. Then dinner at the hotel.
27 March: Yoga class in the morning, breakfast at the hotel, day free to enjoy any of the near beautiful beaches. Yoga class in the evening before our dinner at the hotel. 
28 March: Yoga class in the morning, breakfast at the hotel. Today we will do excursion to Spice plantation and have some fun. The Tropical Spice Plantation guided tour will refresh your senses and make you feel part of the nature. Our gentle giants (our elephants) will treat you to an amazing experience. Enjoy the elephant ride and the elephant bath.  After our tour around the plantation, we will enjoy lunch in an open air restaurant. Yoga class in the evening before our dinner at the hotel. 
29 March: Yoga class in the morning, breakfast at the hotel, day free to enjoy the beach. Yoga class in the evening before our dinner at the hotel. 
30 March: Yoga class in the morning, breakfast at the hotel, day free to enjoy our last swim and sun bath. We check out midnight and head to the airport for our flight back to Athens.  

Avra Yoga Retreat India
Avra Yoga Retreat India
Avra Yoga Retreat India
Maria Natsouli | Senior Yoga Teacher, Wellness Coach

Maria is an E-RYT 1000 Yoga Alliance teacher, Wellness Coach and retreats leader with over  3000 hours of teaching. Choosing to attend a retreat led by Maria is an opportunity to explore yoga in a relaxed and supportive environment. Maria's retreats are a break from the hustle, a chance to unwind and immerse yourself in the practice of yoga at your own pace. Her approach is is a harmonious blend of mindful movement, breathwork, and alignment, focusing on finding inner peace through yoga, pranayama and meditation.


She will create a nurturing space where you can deepen your practice, explore different yoga styles, and reconnect with yourself. Joining her retreat means taking a step back from the chaos, finding calm, and leaving with a renewed sense of well-being.

Maria Natsouli
Prices include everything, flight tickets, hotel half board, excursions, yoga classes, visa and insurance! 

Standard spacious room with modern amenities for a comfortable stay at Aralea Beach Resort

PRICE (including everything): 1500€ per person in double room

The price for single occupancy of the above rooms is 350€ extra charge in the prices seen above.

The price for non-yogi participants is 200€ less on the above price.

What is included in all prices? Everything!

  • Economy air tickets with Gulf Air 
  • 8 nights accommodation at Aralea Beach Resort
  • Late check out from the hotel on our departure day
  • Two (2) pieces of luggage (23 kg each) and one carry-on bag up to 6 kg for each traveler 
  • Half board daily (breakfast + dinner) at the hotel
  • A lunch during our excursion on March 29
  • Transportation based on the daily schedule
  • All entrances to museums and historical sites, according to the daily schedule
  • Services of local English-speaking qualified tour guide & professional driver
  • All local taxes
  • 24-hour emergency telephone
  • Individual travel insurance extra 
  • Cost of e-Visa for India (35€)
What is not included
  • Any extra meals or beverages, which are not mentioned in the above program
  • Any spa services, laundry, telephone calls, personal tips at the hotel
  • Any other tours, taxis, guides you might book by yourself 
  • Any RTPCR Test charges
  • Any Services which are not included in the above offer shall be extra

Q: Where is the retreat located in India? A: The retreat is nestled in Mandrem beach, North Goa, offering serene surroundings and a tranquil environment for your yoga experience. Q: What accommodation options are available? A: We offer various accommodation options, from shared rooms to private suites, each designed to ensure comfort and relaxation during your stay. Q: What level of yoga experience do I need? A: All levels are welcome! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, the retreat is tailored to accommodate and challenge everyone at their own pace. Q: What does a typical day at the retreat look like? A: Each day includes yoga sessions morning and evening (not mandatory to attend both but of course recommended), free time for relaxation or exploration. The schedule balances activity and downtime for a well-rounded experience. Q: What kind of meals are provided? A: Nutritious and delicious meals are provided, catering to various dietary needs. We prioritize fresh, locally sourced ingredients to support your well-being during the retreat. Q: Are excursions or local experiences included? A: Yes, we offer optional excursions to nearby attractions or cultural experiences to enrich your stay. These activities complement the retreat's focus on relaxation and discovery. Q: What should I bring with me? A: Comfortable yoga attire, a reusable water bottle, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and any personal items you may need. We'll provide a detailed packing list upon registration. Q: How do I get to the retreat location? A: We'll provide transportation from the airport to the hotel. Q: Is there internet available at the retreat? A: While we encourage a digital detox during the retreat, yes there will be WiFi at the hotel. Q: What's the refund policy? A: Our refund policy allows for cancellations within a specific timeframe before the retreat. Please refer to our terms and conditions for detailed information.


Terms and Conditions for Yoga Retreat Participation Organizer: The organizer of this yoga retreat is Avra Yoga, legally represented by Maria Natsouli, with VAT number 064813903, in cooperation with DION TOURS N.G. & RED ELEPHANT O.E. - MH.T.E 0933E60000143601.​ Booking and Payment: To secure your spot, a deposit of 300 is required at the time of booking.  A contract will be sent to you with all details and T&Cs to sign before we proceed with tickets booking.  For tickets booking we need a clear photocopy of your valid passport, which has to have more than 6 months validity in order for you to be able to travel abroad.  Offer and early bird prices are valid until 15/1/2024. After that full price will be required for your booking.  If you don't choose to pay in full then you agree the following payment plan 40% of the total amount is required until 15/1/2024 75% of the total amount is required until 15/2/2024 Full payment should be settled until 28/2/2024 If you choose the payment plan please note that full payment is due by 28/2/2024. If you miss any of the payments mentioned the organizer has the right to cancel your spot and refund you as per the cancellation policy. Payments can be done either by the online links provided above, bank transfer or cash at Avra Yoga Studio. Cancellation Policy: if you cancel your booking you will be charged with cancellation charges as per the policy below In case of cancellation until January 15, 2024 – €200 per person In case of cancellation from January 16 to February 19, 2024 – 40% of the total price In case of cancellation from February 20 to March 3, 2024 – 75% of the total price In case of cancellation from March 4, 2024 and until departure – 100% of the total price India Visa requirements: Original Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of the Indian Visa issuance, with at least 2 continuous blank pages, in good condition Two photocopies of Passport pages with details One passport photo and one passport photo in jpeg format Photocopy of previous Indian Visa if any​ Relevant form filled in and signed Insurance: we will provide travel insurance that compensates you in various cases of cancellation, delay, sickness during the trip, etc. Please visit the link and read what is provided at Package 3. For any further compensations that you believe you might need, you must proceed with your own travel insurance.  Health and Fitness: Participants are responsible for ensuring they are medically and physically fit for the retreat activities. Please inform us of any medical conditions, injuries, or dietary restrictions upon booking. Participant Conduct: Respectful behavior towards fellow participants, staff, and the retreat property is expected at all times. Any disruptive behavior or actions that may compromise the safety or well-being of others may result in dismissal from the retreat without refund. Liability: Participants acknowledge and assume all risks associated with the retreat activities, releasing the organizers from any liability for personal injuries, accidents, or losses. Changes to Itinerary: The organizers reserve the right to modify the retreat schedule, accommodations, or activities due to unforeseen circumstances or safety concerns. Photography and Media: Photographs or videos taken during the retreat may be used for promotional purposes. Please inform us if you prefer not to be featured in promotional material. Force Majeure: The organizers shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance due to circumstances beyond their reasonable control, including but not limited to natural disasters, pandemic, epidemic, or government restrictions. Agreement to Terms: Booking and payment for the retreat indicate your acceptance of these terms and conditions. ​

What others say about our previous retreats

An unforgettable experience! Avra Yoga Retreat was for me a revelation about yoga as an exercise and philosophy. I entered this world through the best circumstances with a teacher who inspires, respects and loves what she does, and imparts her knowledge directly. A great environment, great yogis who became new friends. It was a three-day retreat full of gifts for the body and the soul! Thank you all so much and I can't wait to experience it again! - Vassiliki
Avra Yoga Retreat was truly an experience so fulfilling and at the same time so energetic that it exceeded my expectations. I will remember - for a long time - the morning and afternoon yoga next to the sea with the breeze cooling us! The beautiful conversations with the rest of the group, the contact with nature and the delicious and fresh food offered me the rest and rejuvenation I needed. Thank you Avra ​​Yoga! - Maria
My beloved girls I really wanted to thank you and congratulate you for an amazing two days retreat! It is a big deal to coordinate and create such a positive and beneficial activity by bringing 21 women together in the same place to offer them relaxation and give them the gift of wellness and self-love! I think we all got what we needed from this retreat and came back with a huge smile of bliss and gratitude! You must really be very happy and proud of what you have offered us! - Korina
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